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The Basics of Microgreens.

Microgreens are tiny, edible plants produced from a variety of different herbs or vegetables like beets, pea’s, basil, or cilantro – to name a few. To a lot of people microgreens may be a mystery. Small, brightly coloured, and packed full of flavor, microgreen varieties are highly nutritious and can be used in both restaurant and home cooking. Great in an appetizer or main course.

The Microgreen Details.

What makes a microgreen a microgreen? A microgreen is a specific variation of plant that is harvested when the first real leaves begin to develop. Typically, microgreens are one to three inches tall including the stem and leaves, although this depends on the variety. Microgreens are, well…micro to say the least, but are full of texture and flavour that will keep patrons wow’d.

The Value of Microgreens.

Our microgreens are supplied to chefs, restaurants and home cooks across the province of Ontario. Packed with nutritional benefits, full of rich and delicious flavor and visually beautiful, microgreens hold so much value for those using and eating them. Our locally grown, Ontario Microgreens, are full of benefits for your patrons, and there are many varieties to choose from.

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Check out microgreen myths below or why not check out all of the varieties we offer?

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Microgreens Are Too Small To Taste.

Small green, mighty flavour. Microgreens can pack powerful or subtle flavour profiles depending on the variation. The flavour of a certain microgreen will depend on the plant like our Our Purple Radish microgreen that hits the pallet with a spicy accent or our Popcorn microgreen that carries a sweet and succulent flavour. Either way, microgreens will be sure to stand out in your meal if used properly.  They also tend to be quite beautiful, with colours that stand out and enhance a dish’s presentation making both your executive chef and customers happy.

Microgreens Are Just A Topper.

Microgreens make a delicious meal. Believe it or not, microgreens can be the star of the plate. A microgreen salad makes a light and tasty appetizer. Throw in some smoked salmon and you’ve got a great lunch. Microgreens don’t just need to accent the meal; certain varieties have impactful and rich flavors that stand out. If you’re curious about how Our microgreens can be used in everyday cooking check out our Microgreens Recipes page or learn more about how to use them in our How To Use Microgreens section.

Microgreens Is A Fancy Word For Sprouts.

Microgreens are not sprouts. Microgreens and sprouts are very different, and it comes from the way they are grown. Sprouts are grown in just water and are composed of the roots, stem, and underdeveloped leaves, usually taking a few days to produce.  Sprouts are germinated seeds – Microgreens are something much different. Our microgreens are grown in a more natural environment, in soil or peat moss, and take between one and six weeks to grow fully developed leaves. Once ready, the greens are snipped at their base, removing any roots.

You’ve got the straight facts on Microgreens, but do you really know how to use them?

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