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The Herbman | 6 Tips For Handling Microgreens

6 Tips For Handling Microgreens 

We know that locally grown, Ontario microgreens pack delicious flavor and carry tons of nutrients – but none of this matters if they aren’t handled properly when you get them. Ontario Microgreens should be delivered fresh and living, so keeping them that way can sometimes seem like a challenge. The thing is – microgreens are very easy to take care of once you know the basics. Here are 6 tips for handling microgreens: Handling Microgreens | The Herbman

Keep Your Microgreens Out of Direct Sunlight

We know it seems odd, but microgreens are one plant that should be kept out of harsh and direct sunlight once they have grown to maturity (which is how they are delivered). Sunlight can alter the look and taste of some microgreen varieties – like our Yellow Popcorn. This rich, buttery and vibrant microgreen will quickly deteriorate in direct sunlight and will change in colour.

Keep Your Micogreens At A Cool Temperature  

Microgreens love a certain temperature – and that temperature is around 36 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep your microgreens fresh and tasty we recommend keeping them within this temperature range at all times.

Water Your Microgreens, But Not Too Much 

Microgreens are living, breathing plants – this is part of why they deliver such powerful flavors and textures. To keep microgreens alive you’ll need to water them routinely. Be careful! Overwatering your microgreens can result in disaster. If the soil that the microgreens are kept in seems a bit dry, water the soil from the bottom by placing the tray into a small amount of water (keeps you from unsettling the roots).

Use Scissors to Cut Your Microgreens, Not Your Hands  

Trying to dig your microgreens out from the soil or pull them from their roots will end up being a mistake – we promise. Whether you are a home chef, restaurant owner or wholesale purchaser, remember that microgreens should be cut at the base of the stem for the cleanest, freshest and most visually appetizing microgreen experience.

Wash Your Microgreens, But Don’t Drown Them

Microgreens are just like any other piece of produce and you should wash them before you indulge. Some people find washing microgreens to be a difficult process but it’s actually quite easy. Rinse them lightly with cold water and use a salad spinner to completely dry them before eating.

Once You Cut Them You Should Use Them, Or Eat Them Quickly

Microgreens are best eaten fresh – completely and totally fresh. Once you cut microgreens they should be eaten right away to get the best flavor and texture. If you need to save your microgreens for later, wrap them in a paper towel place them in a plastic-seal bag and eat them within 5 days.


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