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The Herbman | Our Philosophy
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Our way of doing business.

Grow quality product, do honest business, and always focus on freshness. We take pride in what we do, and what we do is grow microgreens.

Since our humble beginnings growing herbs in 1998, we have tried to focus on a few core principles and ensure that they guide the way we do what we do. We think we have stuck to these principles, and so do our hundreds of customers across Ontario. We love growing microgreens and we’re certain you and your customers will love eating them.

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Growing Quality Product.

  • We grow our microgreens  in natural growing materials like soil and peat moss, not just water like sprouts, resulting in a high-quality product
  • We grow our microgreens in a 100% Pesticide Free growing enviroment, giving you and your patrons peace of mind
  • We put each crop of microgreens through a rigorous quality assurance process


How We Grow Our Greens

Doing Honest Business.

  • We work with trusted and established distributors like Gordon Food Service (GFS) and Sysco Foods ensuring your shipment is delivered on-time
  • We always work with our distributors to try and charge a fair price relative to the quality of our microgreens
  • We speak directly with our customers to provide more information on our microgreens


Our Trusted Distribution Partners

Focus On Freshness.

  • Microgreens are delivered alive to every restaurant or chef allowing Our Microgreens to be served as fresh as possible
  • We make every effort to ensure a spoiled microgreen flat never leaves the farm, we want our customers to receive the best product possible
  • We check that each flat of microgreens is correct for colour, flavor, and texture


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